All Project Skateboards are made from 100% imported Hard Rock Maple from the Great Lakes region in the USA, glued together with a special water resistant PVA glue, sealed with 3 coats of clear lacquer and hand silk screened with a very durable ink.

Project Skateboards does not compromise on the quality of the skateboards and imports the best North American Hard Rock Maple. North American Hard Rock Maple is the industry standard when it comes to pressing skateboards. The best Hard Rock maple is grown in the Great Lakes Region of the USA.

The process starts by sorting out the veneer sheets that are sorted into 3 different grades. Face veneer (on the outside), core veneer (placed in the middle) and cross veneer (also placed in the middle for strength). The face and core veneers have their grain running from nose to tail and the cross veneer from side to side. Depending on which board will be pressed a selection of different thicknesses will be chosen as well.

Next phase is gluing each individual layer with special water resistant PVA glue. The skateboards are then pressed in a CNC mould by a 20 ton hydraulic H-Frame press.

After 2 hours in the mould the skateboards are taken out and left to cure for 5 days to allow the glue to set properly before machining. Next the skateboards are cut by a band saw into the rough shape that has been chosen. The boards are then cut with CNC machined templates for a precision finish. The next step is to sand and spray the boards to a finished look. Once the boards have been finished off with the right colours the final step in completing the manufacturing process is applying the graphics to the bottom of the skateboard via silk screening.

Project Skateboards silk screens all their skateboards. Silk screening is a technique by which we apply durable ink that fuses itself to the board for a professional finish.

We take pride in keeping the integrity of the building process and the aesthetics of the board designs plus graphics.



Ruan “Saat” Saayman testing PSB Street Decks from Justin Boast on Vimeo.