Project Skateboards is owned and run by Justin Boast, started Circa 2003 from the off cut of a curve of a mini ramp. Since then it has been the goal to refine and acquire the right knowledge and machinery to manufacture quality pressed maple skateboards in South Africa. What started out as a fun project soon became a 10 year passion for building skateboards, inspired by positive feedback from customers and shops around the world.

“Born out of the dark continent Africa, Pioneered with the futures technology, Created to shred all over the world.”

Project Skateboards is about  taking to the streets skating street, ramps, stairs, ledges, quarter pipes, bombing hills, carving, shit anything that is about skateboarding. Skating is not about one thing but everything, there is not one style that defines skating and at the end of the day, just been able to ride your board and roll down the street, thats skating.